Mini-El City on Lithium

Mini-El City on Lithium

Mini-El City on Lithium

About me converting a Mini-El City -91 to Lithium.

Cycle Analyst Dashboard

The CA Dash boardPosted by Ola Eskilsson Sun, June 30, 2013 22:44:44

Finished! I have drove almost 2000km with it now and it works just perfect.

I've designed a completely new PCB and the Cycle Analyst is integrated on to this so there is just plug and play with no re wire. The only thing needed to add is the cable for the current shunt which must be wired with a twisted pair cable to under the seat or back to the shunts. If you just want to test you can connect it to the diagnostic connector in front of the seat.

All the features as a standard Cycle Analyst, see
• Battery Voltage: Current/Min.
• Speed: Current/Max/Average (Km/h or Miles/hour)
• Amperage: Current/Max.
• Current Power Output kW.
• Used Ah¹.
• Total Watt hours: Wh/km, Wh/mile.
• Trip meter: Km/Mile, Trip time.
• Statistic: Total cycles, Total Ah, Total distance.
• RS232/TTL output for logging to PC or logging device.
• Control button on steering wheel for easy access to menus.
• All original features as warning light, turn lights, head light, fan, heater, charge available. Except battery meter see ¹

Send me a email on if you are interested in one for your own CityEl.

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